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Laser Polymer Welding

The use of plastic materials and other composites continues to increase within all key industries bringing valuable benefits....

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Laser Marking

The rapid growth in the use of laser marking technology is of particular significance as component manufacturers seek to permanently and uniquely identify....

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On-Site Marking Service

Some components are just too confidential to be sent off premises for marking. Perhaps you have a line-side breakdown that needs to be covered in an emergency....

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Anodised aluminium, deep etch

Brass, deep etch

Peek, gas tight weld

Stainless steel, surface temper mark

Mild steel, surface temper mark

Polypropylene, hermetically sealed pneumatic channel

Warwick laser systems offer sub-contract services for:

  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Welding of Polymers

For your marking needs we have Fiber, Nd:YAG, and CO2 lasers.

For plastic welding we also have a variety of diode lasers.

We can provide:

  • Proof of concept.
  • A one off.
  • Pre-production trials.
  • Batch orders.
  • All of your production requirements.

We can also supply a system based on successful trials if required